Golda's 2007 Winter Migration

On Dec 18th, Olga, Bud & Golda will fly to Florida to visit Bud's mom for Christmas

Golda's 2007 Winter Migration Island Breeze
Island Breeze cottage on the Atlantic coast of Eleuthera Island, Bahamas.

The party’s over.

December 22nd, 2007 · 1 Comment

Last night we had a few people over for dinner. Olga picked up my mom and brought her out to the beach house. The first guest to arrive was my old friend from high school, Pete Lewis, who had driven all the way from Tallahassee on his motorcycle. Pete and I hadn’t seen each other for about twelve years, so we had a lot to talk about. He had just returned from a month in Southeast Asia and plugged his camera into the TV to show us his pictures. About half an hour into his slide show, Susan Aertker showed up in all her bubbly cheerfulless, bringing us a bottle of wine.

Pete and Susan

So it was just us five for about another hour.

Olga had spent two days shopping and all day today preparing an enormous amount of wonderful food. For appetizers there were a couple of sliced meats and cheeses, including a delightful triple-cream, oliva tapenade, Olga’s home-made scallop and shrimp ceviche and tostadas and crackers. Then there were chiles relenos, little cheese-stuffed zuchinis, Spanish rice, blackbeans and I don’t know what else. We were just getting ready to eat when Jeanne and Andy Goshen arrived bearing a gift basket of wine and chocolate and a beautiful bottle of personalized olive oil.

Jeanne and Olga mug the camera

My good friend Oscar Senn came too, although I don’t seem to have caught him in any of the pictures. And then finally, around nine o’clock, Landon Walker and his brother Scott came on board. Everyone had something to eat and drink. Mom really like Olga’s peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies.

Jeanne and Mom

Susan was the life of the party, occassionally tossing out one of her provocative non-sequitors such as: “You know, Lincoln was really a bad president.” or “Brown v. Board of Education was wrongly decided.”

Pete and I recalled how an old stoner party game we used to play had wound up in a recent national televsiion commercial. We called the game This is a Cigarette, and we tried to get a round going as a sort of demonstration, but apparently not all of us were quite stoned enough.

Olga and I gave little Chritsmas presents like boxes of Joseph Schmidt Truffles or San Francisco City Calendars to everyone.

Party trash on the counter

At some point, Landon and his brother drug out their instruments and began to play through their lively repetoire of jigs and waltzes, ballads, and other folkish, European inspired music. The sound was delightul, enchanting even. Landon was apologetic becasue he is still working out a few things with his new found instrument, the accordian.

Bob White couldn’t make it. God knows where J.J. Buchholz is right now. And Little Bobby Harris called to say he couldn’t come.

Golda listens to the Walker Family Band

I guess Mom was the first one to leave, slipping away to her bedroom at some point. Then Susan, and Pete, and Oscar called it quits. Golda and the rest of us stayed up late and enoyed the music.

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  • 1 little bobby // Dec 27, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    Man, blogs really make you feel like a dufus for missing the party. It was great for all three of us to see you later in the week.

    Glad we finally got some good weather for you!

    Bobby, Mallory and Charlie

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