Golda's 2007 Winter Migration

On Dec 18th, Olga, Bud & Golda will fly to Florida to visit Bud's mom for Christmas

Golda's 2007 Winter Migration Island Breeze
Island Breeze cottage on the Atlantic coast of Eleuthera Island, Bahamas.

Fort Myers

December 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Good morning! Today, Saturday, we are in the Quality Inn in Cape Coral, Florida. We drove all day yesterday from Homosassa, arriving at Sanibel Island after dark, and there was no rom in the inn for us there. Everything was booked up, or didn’t take Golda (not “pet friendly”) or wanted about three hundred dollars for a room (and damn few of those, too).

Yesterday morning we went swimming with the manatees. We stayed at a place in Homosassa called the Seagrass Resort. We rented a rustic but charming little one bedoom cottage. And we learned that the manatee tour left from the dock right there at the resort!

A manatee seen from the boat
A manatee is seen in the water from the deck of our tour boat.

Olga in a wetsuit

We booked the 6:30AM tour in the resort office; but then we had to drive eight miles into Crystal River to the dive shop to get fitted for our wetsuits, and also watch a little “manatee safety” video. Olga bought a “throwaway” underwater film camera, which turned out to be a very good thing because our digital camera decided to quit working. This is the second time this camera has failed us on a vacation, and we think that it has outlived it’s usefullness: new camera next time.

Manatee head on

Touching a manatee

I am reluctant to mention this, but yeseterday, during our dive to here (Ft. Myers) we stopped in Tarpon Springs. We drove out to Howard Park, which has a small beach island way out at the end of a paved causeway. We stopped there on the causeway to rest and have a little something to eat. I thought it would be a good idea to let Golda out of here cage because “Where could she go?” way out here in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. So, over Olga’s strong objections, I let her sit on my shoulder while we were eating.

When a seagull flew low overhead, Golda freaked and took off. First she turned downwind and flew across the causeway right into the path of a large green family sized van that didn’t even slow down. I yelled. She glanced off the roof of the van and kept flying west, over the water and toward the island. I started running after her. Olga stayed to button up the van and follow me.

Baker Beach IslandOlga waves from our Dodge Durango on the Howard Park Causeway.

After at least a quater mile flight, I saw her land on or near another truck in the island’s parking lot. When I got there, I started walking around, looking for her, and calling her name. I found her on the ground next to the truck. She came to my hand. I covered her and walked back to our SUV. Olga was calm but angry with me for ignoring her years of experience with birds. We were lucky this time, and I sincerely promised her that I would NEVER disregard her bird handling instincts again. As for Golda, she was unharmed by the experience, but from here on out, she is so GROUNDED!

The night before we left, Little Bobby came over with his kids, Mallory and Charlie. The kids were very interested in Golda.

Golda and Mallory

Golda and Charlie

Little Bobby explains it allLittle Bobby explains it all to Landon and me.

A little later Landon and Linda, Victor and Sumi showed up. We all enjoyed some food and drinks, we watched some TV, and in the end we took a nice, moon-lit walk on the beach. It was a wonderful way to end our visit her in Jacksonviille, with good friends and a walk on the beach.

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  • 1 little bobby // Dec 30, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    This gave me an opportunity to explain to Mallory and Charlie the meaning of getting their wings clipped!….. So GROUNDED, indeed.

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